Enhance Your Ride with High-Performance Mufflers

Unleash maximum power with high-performance mufflers that provide a loud rumble at the tailpipe and unmatched tranquility in your cab.  

At Haze Performance, we are proud to produce exceptional performance mufflers that exceed the reliability of 99% of aftermarket mufflers today. 

Enjoy the industry-leading muffler choice that improves airflow and controls the noise of the beast in your driveway. Browse for the industry’s top muffler products now.

Experience the Power of High-Performance Mufflers

Every car has a muffler, but upgrading your ride with a universal muffler can enhance your engine’s power, improve its durability, and make your ride easier on the ear.

Transform your driving experience with a custom stainless steel exhaust system featuring our selection of premium mufflers for sale. Experience the power and performance made possible by upgrading today!

Ready to experience the power of this performance upgrade?

Make Your Ride Purr

Your vehicle’s sound is integral to the ride experience. Mufflers allow you to take control of your car’s acoustic output and create a signature roar that matches your style perfectly!

Get ready to experience thrilling performance with the perfect muffler that gives your car a powerful growl and smooth purr. Experience maximum sound control without sacrificing power.

All our loud mufflers comply with the rules of the road so that you can stay on the right side of the law.

Improve Your Horsepower

Unleash your inner speed demon and experience the thrill of high-performance power – take it to the limit with a vehicle designed for maximum velocity.

Your muffler can add up to 10% horsepower to your vehicle. Combine with other Haze Performance exhaust upgrades and watch your pride and joy fly.

Sharpen Your Engine Performance

Source high-quality single and dual exhaust mufflers to enhance your engine’s durability and performance.

Our muffler solutions help you to control the backpressure of your engine. With valves moving in every direction, your engine will struggle to expel exhaust gases, leading to a drop in your performance.

Select the right muffler and contribute to better backpressure as part of a high-performance stainless steel exhaust system.

Drive More, Spend Less

Ensure you’re maximizing your vehicle’s performance with an exclusive muffler and exhaust system that gives you a higher MPG rating, so you get more miles out of the gas you put in your tank. 

Choosing the right muffler improves the overall efficiency of your vehicle. With a high-quality aftermarket muffler, your vehicle experiences better airflow, allowing for improved gas mileage.

With a Haze exhaust system and muffler, you can increase your vehicle’s fuel economy by up to 10%.

Types of Mufflers

Revamp the sound of your ride with Haze’s performance mufflers! Our unique chamber patterns give you control over noise levels so that no two cars are alike. 

Tweak your car’s signature style by finding a custom muffler perfect for creating a sound and experience that’s truly special. 

Wondering what your options are?

Check out these primary muffler types:

Chambered Muffler

The standard muffler found in factory-manufactured vehicles is chambered. Despite this, not every chambered muffler is built equally.

Inspect the number of chambers. Additional chambers cause a more significant reduction in how much noise emanates from your exhaust system.

Single-chambered muffler types are the loudest, far surpassing your average stock muffler. Select a three-chambered muffler to provide the perfect balance between power and comfort. 

Why is the chambered muffler a favorite among car enthusiasts everywhere? Its capacity to eliminate some noises and pass others through make it an easy choice over a droning exhaust. 

Turbo Muffler

Are you dreaming of a car that glides like a cloud? Then you likely need a turbo muffler.
The turbo muffler forces exhaust gases through an s-shaped pattern of perforated piping. With a turbo muffler, gasses must pass through more tubing. Some turbos may also have additional sound-deadening material inside for further sound reduction.

If you want to combine the quality of a performance car without waking the neighbors, choose this raspy muffler for your vehicle.

Straight-Through Muffler

Straight-throughs are what they sound like. These mufflers are available in a variety of styles, including glass packs.

Make your vehicle roar like a lion whenever it kicks into high gear with a straight-through muffler. These are the least restrictive, allowing you the flexibility to define your sound.

Maximize your engine’s performance and efficiency with our selection of high-quality straight throughs. Featuring a combination of fiberglass, waterproof linings, and stainless steel meshes to keep backpressure in check, you won’t experience any volume increase or power output disruption!

Decide what matters to you, and Haze will help you find the ideal straight-through.

Combination Muffler

When searching for mufflers, shops may market a combination muffler as a separate product, but it’s technically a hybrid of two or more of the above categories.
Engineers have combined multiple aspects of muffler design over the years to maximize the potential of these performance upgrades. Today’s products are more advanced than ever, as the automotive industry has pushed the boundaries of what was believed to be possible.

Most muffler products fall into the combination category as the automotive industry looks to take aftermarket performance upgrades to new heights.

Why Choose Haze Performance?

Engineered for quality, Haze is the ultimate hub for providing aftermarket parts for car enthusiasts to upgrade their vehicles.

Haze specializes in producing top-grade stainless steel exhaust systems with all the necessary features to create a better driving experience. Work on your exhaust system with a range of high-quality products from a team of automotive and racing enthusiasts.

We’re committed to sourcing only premium-grade materials that guarantee superior results with every exhaust system upgrade we make — because there’s no room for compromise regarding performance. Discover the Haze difference now!