Experience the Power of a High-Performance Exhaust System

Experience the Power of a High-Performance today’s manufacturing standards and commitment to high production rates mean that vehicles come with fewer customized options these days. Your car’s original exhaust system may be a bit of a compromise since it was designed to prioritize quietness over performance. 

If you want an upgrade in speed and power, it’s time to consider a customized exhaust solution. It can replace your car’s original system with improved pipework, silencers, and other components designed with performance in mind.

Selecting an aftermarket exhaust system from our shop will enable you to add more torque, horsepower, and fuel economy to your car or truck.

Discover why a custom car exhaust can transform your vehicle and unlock its potential.

Customized for You and Your Car

The stock exhaust system in most cars comes standard. It’s produced according to the auto manufacturer’s specifications. An aftermarket kit may be an upgrade, but even then, those parts are not customized to your car.

Bolt-on kits are a distant second place to a stainless steel exhaust tailored to your vehicle. Our technicians develop and build your exhaust system for optimal performance.

With our team, you can define your expected style and performance, and we will create the perfect system to keep you thrilled every time you get behind the wheel. 

Improve Your Exhaust Flow

Factory-made exhaust systems use crush bends to shape your exhaust pipes, decreasing the exhaust diameter and slowing the exhaust gasses.

Our custom solutions utilize mandrel bends to maintain the same diameter across the entire system, providing a consistent exhaust flow.

We’ll unlock your engine’s true power to give you those torque and horsepower improvements you’ve been craving. 

Hit Your Peak Performance

Think an exhaust pipe is just about the width? Think again.

Larger pipe diameters enable exhaust gasses to flow, but if it’s too big, you could sacrifice your vehicle’s performance. Forget about your buddy with basic welding skills and visit our online shop for the right solution.

Our team pinpoints the right measurements to accurately balance diameter and performance.

Upgrade to the Highest Quality Materials

Standardized exhaust systems typically use mild steel components. These components will begin to deteriorate over time. If you are sick of performance issues and exhaust leaks in older vehicles, there is a solution to boost performance.

High-grade systems use more expensive stainless steel to enhance your exhaust’s durability and keep your car running longer.

Better Sound, Better Feeling

Your custom-fit exhaust system may seem like a small part of the overall vehicle, but its power transforms how it sounds and feels.

From the mufflers you select to the custom pipes you choose, you will notice an obvious difference in the car’s power when you drive it.

You can choose a muffler to make your engine purr or make it growl as you shift through the gears. It’s entirely up to you because Haze Performance can do it all.

Improve Your Fuel Economy

Nobody wants to spend more than they must on soaring fuel costs. Remember, an optimized exhaust system will help your engine run more efficiently. 
We have served thousands of customers looking to generate a return on their custom-made exhaust system by maximizing their fuel economy.

Every custom exhaust can be molded to emphasize different performance aspects. While some drivers prefer to sacrifice fuel economy for added horsepower and torque, others prefer to increase their fuel economy.

Whatever your priorities, talk to our team to learn more about installing a full custom exhaust system.

Enhance Your Aesthetics

Customized exhaust systems are designed to enhance the aesthetics of your vehicle. Take your pride and joy from “just another car” to turning heads as you drive by.

Team up with a custom auto parts manufacturer that knows how to match the right solution with the style of the vehicle. We believe you should be proud of the car you drive, and our high-quality stainless steel exhaust options give your vehicle an instant makeover.

Reflect Who You Are

Some drive to work. Some drive for fun.

Regardless of who you are, your vehicle is a reflection of you. There’s a reason why some cars turn heads.

Even your exhaust system is a reflection of your personal style. With Haze Performance, you can turn your car into a statement with the performance to back it up.

Contact Haze Performance today if you’re ready for upgrades that account for form and function.

Select the Right Upgrade for You

Exhaust modifications give you choices, including cat-back and axle-back exhausts. Our custom upgrades can do it all.

Whatever the goal for your car modification, we are the experienced auto parts supplier that can incorporate those priorities into the finished product.

Get the smooth driving experience, better fuel economy, and enhanced stylistic elements you expect with the exhaust system that’s designed to excel on the road today.

Why Choose Haze Performance?

Engineered for quality, Haze is the ultimate hub for providing aftermarket parts for car enthusiasts to upgrade their vehicles.

Haze specializes in producing top-grade stainless steel exhaust systems with all the necessary features to create a better driving experience. Work on your exhaust system with a range of high-quality products from a team of automotive and racing enthusiasts.

We’re committed to sourcing only premium-grade materials that guarantee superior results with every exhaust system upgrade we make — because there’s no room for compromise regarding performance. Discover the Haze difference now!