Is It Time to Upgrade Your Muffler?

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Muffler? Every car has a muffler, but factory-made ones tend only to last a few years before they deteriorate.

At Haze, we focus on building stainless steel solutions that stand the test of time.

If your muffler is old and needs upgrading, Haze has a catalog of performance mufflers to revolutionize how your car drives, sounds, and feels.

Below, we’ve listed some possible signs it’s time for an upgrade:

Your Muffler is More than Four Years Old

The average factory-made muffler can handle two to four years of average driving conditions or between 40,000 and 80,000 miles.

If you don’t remember the last time you replaced your muffler, it’s time for a Haze Performance upgrade.

Your Muffler is Louder than Usual

The first sign that your muffler is due for a much-needed upgrade is that you hear loud or strange noises from your car.

Your muffler is designed to streamline, control, and reduce the noise coming from your vehicle. Many drivers know their muffler is coming to the end of its lifespan when they hear sudden loud noises when accelerating or whining sounds when their vehicles are idling.

Cracks and holes are the main reasons your muffler is louder than usual.

Your Fuel Efficiency Has Dropped Through the Floor

Your engine, exhaust system, and muffler work in tandem to achieve the highest performance standards in fuel efficiency.

Properly tuned cars experience better fuel economy and gas tanks that last longer. Refueling your pride and joy more often could signify that your muffler or exhaust system needs some TLC.

Your Exhaust Pipes are Filled with Condensation

Cars are built to withstand the tremendous strain of constant warming and cooling cycles. Buildups of condensation in the muffler can eventually cause rust to form on the inside.

Over time, your muffler may crack and break, causing exhaust gases to leak. If you notice excessive condensation leaking from your exhaust pipes, especially during the summer, your muffler has likely worn out.

Condensation alone isn’t a problem, but your exhaust system is at risk when it becomes excessive.

Your Car Stinks

No muffler can reduce the emissions put out by a car, but it does support your vehicle in expelling emissions away from your car and passengers.

Taking exhaust fumes away from your vehicle is one of the primary functions of your muffler. Those fumes may leak into your vehicle when a muffler is old or failing.

If you smell the toxic smell of exhaust fumes, your muffler has likely come to the end of its lifespan.

Your Engine is Misfiring

Every moving part of a car is responsible for achieving the consistently high performance you expect.

If your muffler is experiencing problems, you have a greater chance of your engine overheating or misfiring.

Your muffler could lead to a blockage in the exhaust system, leading to excessively high engine temperatures and a total loss of power. Over time, this could cause catastrophic and irreparable damage to your engine.

Check out your muffler to determine whether this is the source of your engine trouble.

Why Choose Haze Performance?

Engineered for quality, Haze is the ultimate hub for providing aftermarket parts for car enthusiasts to upgrade their vehicles.

Haze specializes in producing top-grade stainless steel exhaust systems with all the necessary features to create a better driving experience. Work on your exhaust system with a range of high-quality products from a team of automotive and racing enthusiasts.

We’re committed to sourcing only premium-grade materials that guarantee superior results with every exhaust system upgrade we make — because there’s no room for compromise regarding performance. Discover the Haze difference now!