The Process of Mandrel Bending

The Process of Mandrel Bending is for extensive orders, lengthy pipes, intricate geometries, or multiple angles, mandrel bending is increasingly favored for fabrication. Modern machines support stackable dies to create parts with varying bend radii. Some machines even allow the bend arm to flip, producing symmetrical parts using the same tool.

Mandrel bending offers several advantages over welding, such as:

Time Efficiency: Mandrel bending considerably reduces fabrication hours and inspection time compared to welded angles, especially when utilizing CNC-controlled bending machines.

Cost Savings: Choosing bending over welding can save more than half the costs, mainly due to reduced inspection expenses mandated by welding codes.

Material and Space Efficiency: Bending minimizes material waste and storage space requirements compared to welding.

Labor Savings: Implementing bending technology reduces onsite labor, mitigating safety and production concerns.

Precision: Mandrel bending delivers accurate, reproducible results, maintaining pipe integrity and eliminating distortions.

Is Mandrel Bending Right for Your Stainless Steel Pipe and Tubing?

To determine if process of mandrel bending suits your project, consider these factors:

1. Full Drain-ability: If your application necessitates complete drain-ability without internal entrapment areas.

2. Flow Optimization: When maximum flow with minimal restrictions is vital for your piping system.

3. Polished Finish: If your tubing or piping system requires a specific polished finish on the ID.

4. Odd Angles: For systems demanding non-standard angles not available in regular fittings.

5. Consistent Quality: When your project demands uniform quality without weld defects.

6. NDE Requirements: If your application requires costly Non-Destructive Examination (NDE) after welding joints.

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