Haze 2″ to 2.5″ merge collector 16ga(.065) 304SS


Introducing our latest offering at Haze Performance – the hand-tig welded 304 Stainless Steel 2-1 merge collector! Streamline your upcoming build with our user-friendly 2-1 merge collector, featuring a 2.5″ collector exit perfectly fitting standard 2.5″ OD tubes. Additionally, the inlets have been expanded, allowing easy placement for standard 2″ OD tubes!

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All our collectors are crafted from high-quality 304 Stainless Steel, carefully sourced in the United States. Our tig welded products are skillfully produced by seasoned craftsmen, guaranteeing a consistently clean and high-quality part for your needs!

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Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 6 cm

Haze Performance


Haze Performance


304 Stainless Steel