Vibrant Performance – 12857 – Vertical Flow Intercooler Core, 12 in. Wide x 8 in. High x 3.5 in.


Vibrant Intercooler Assemblies are designed with tig welded cast aluminum end tanks in three core sizes, allowing for a wide range of applications. Additionally, all intercoolers with end tanks undergo pressure testing to ensure a leak-free assembly. With their strength, durability, and superior cooling capabilities, Vibrant Air to Air Intercoolers are a must-have for any serious enthusiast or racer looking to take their forced induction system to the next level.

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Vibrant Air to Air Intercoolers are the ideal solution for those looking to improve the performance of their forced induction system. The bar and plate construction of our intercoolers provides maximum cooling efficiency while minimizing pressure drop, resulting in cooler, denser air being delivered to your engine. This results in a more efficient combustion process and improved performance. Our intercoolers are engineered with durability in mind and are capable of handling even the most extreme high boost race applications. Unlike traditional intercoolers with a tube and fin construction, our bar and plate intercoolers have a much greater cooling capacity.

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Dimensions 33 × 32 × 11 cm





304 Stainless Steel