Vibrant Performance – 1490- V-Band Flange Assembly, for 2.5 in. O.D. Tubing


Vibrant Performance’s V-Band Flange Assemblies provide a modern and efficient solution for connecting pipes in high-stress environments. Each assembly comes with two (2) V-band flanges and one (1) Quick Release V-band clamp. For those who need to purchase individual clamps, they are also available.

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These assemblies are superior to traditional flanges and slip fit connections, especially in situations involving extreme temperature fluctuations and vibration. The unique V-band clamp design provides a gasket-free seal and allows for quick and easy part swapping at the track. Additionally, the “Male/Female” design of Vibrant Performance V-band flange assemblies ensures that the flanges inside the clamp are properly aligned.

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Weight 1.19 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 4 cm





304 Stainless Steel