Vibrant Performance – 1491C – Quick Release V-Band Clamp, for use with 2.75 in. and 3.00 in.


Vibrant Performance offers V-Band Flange Assemblies as a reliable and efficient option to replace traditional flanged or slip fit tube connections. These flanges work exceptionally well in situations involving high levels of stress, vibration, and extreme temperature fluctuations. Each assembly includes two (2) V-band flanges and one (1) Quick Release V-band clamp, and individual clamps are also available. Trust Vibrant Performance to provide quality and efficient V-band flange assemblies for your applications.

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With a gasket-free seal, the V-band clamp design provides a quick-release feature, making it easy to swap parts at the track. The unique “Male/Female” design of Vibrant Performance V-band flange assemblies ensures proper alignment of the flanges inside the clamp.


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304 Stainless Steel